• 1.1. one minute of darkness
  • 1.2. i wanted you
  • 1.3. time for me
  • 1.4. spinola bay
  • 1.5. blues about krishna's latest avatar
  • 1.6. max in the elevator
  • 1.7. light and slow
  • 1.8. parking lots
  • 1.9. no goodbyes
  • 1.10. not to kiss you

brinks, stanley and the wave pictures



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Stanley Brinks is joined by The Wave Pictures for their third album together; their first since 2010's nother One Just Like That'. Recorded entirely live in the studio, without headphones or overdubs, and with a good deal of improvisation, in' is a modern-sounding, in a way avant-garde, old school recording of text-driven songs. The Wave Pictures didn't get a chance to learn the songs before the session, Stan having forgotten to put a stamp on the demo tape he'd sent them from Berlin. To anyone familiar with Stanley Brinks' huge discography - more than 100 albums - in' might sound considerably more raw and less sophisticated than some of his previous recordings. However this body of work remains rich in jazzy sounds and original structures, the songs ... read more