• 1.1. tuck the darkness in
  • 1.2. in the yard
  • 1.3. walk the furrows
  • 1.4. stitch the hem
  • 1.5. this year
  • 1.6. brave world
  • 1.7. hush
  • 1.8. overcome with light
  • 1.9. sweet moment
  • 1.10. death wish
  • 1.11. now we hurry on


the clearing


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The LP version comes with a download of the album. Societies sometimes sing their best songs for centuries. Consider the worn murder ballads of the Appalachians, which still send shivers down spines and inspire new renditions. Ancient as they may be, these tunes still resonate emotionally, echoing some feeling each of us has likely felt. The best songs of North Carolina's BOWERBIRDS have always seemed equally eternal. Coruscated by Beth Tacular's bird song and Phil Moore's environmentalist empathy, "In Our Talons" was, at its core, a quest for solidarity in a world of closing shadows. "Northern Lights" painted a pained portrait of love shrouded in doubt as perfectly as Cash, Dylan or Cohen ever have. These felt like more than songs; they felt like ... read more