• 1.1. vortex sun
  • 1.2. universal bloodlines
  • 1.3. born a lion (homeless)
  • 1.4. the lure (come with us)
  • 1.5. run to the plains
  • 2.1. curtains of death
  • 2.2. melek's lament (yazidi tears)
  • 2.3. walking shades
  • 2.4. ritual of inner strength

black space riders



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The new, fourth album by BLACK SPACE RIDERS is here ... and it's called "REFUGEEUM"! REFUGEEUM, as in "refugees" as well as in "refuge". Deeply moved by what is currently happening on this planet, the band has left its orbital wanderings at least thematically and turned instead to an earthly, eternal issue, one that is, sadly, very topical again: flight and expulsion - loss of home - profound sorrow - the will to survive - hope for what may come - hunted and hunter - victim and perpetrator - acceptance and rejection. Compared to the band's internationally acclaimed previous album "D:REI", REFUGEEUM, with its nine songs and about an hour's playing time, is almost compact. The band has managed to evolve its style and give space to what it likes, while ... read more