• 1.1. hey, monkey boy
  • 1.2. johnny called
  • 1.3. rock-n-rol'e
  • 1.4. i miss my chick
  • 1.5. keep your cool
  • 1.6. gonna make the scene
  • 1.7. searchin
  • 1.8. my soul

bjork, brant

keep your cool


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"Keep Your Cool" marks itself as easily one of Bjork's most accessible and catchiest album. A direct continuation of the raw, straight-to-the-point rocker that was the "Brant Bjork and The Operators" record, it also brings back some of the more relaxed, levitating aura of "Jalamanta" resulting into a best-of-both worlds scenario. Starting out with funky guitar rhythms and congas "Hey, Monkey Boy" is a short and entertaining opener that sets up the stage to the other tracks. The songwriting for the most part is as about simple as it can get, with mid-paced, often blues/funk influenced riffs leading them, accompanied with Bjork's relaxed, swagger-filled vocals. But don't mistake this for laziness because these are well-written and effective riffs that ... read more