• 1.1. idle heart
  • 1.2. the reflection of you
  • 1.3. noon moon
  • 1.4. sinful nature
  • 1.5. cool light
  • 1.6. kiss me crazy
  • 1.7. world of freakout
  • 1.8. warm water
  • 1.9. space remains
  • 1.10. sweetness & sickness

bear in heaven

i love you, it's cool


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Vinyl comes in gorgeous gatefold packaging and includes a high quality MP3 download of the album. Most people assume that when a band makes it-that is, reaches a critical mass of listeners, where shows across the country get packed, where the big festivals come calling, where placement on year-end lists seems preemptively settled-the work stops. It's as if all the hours spent writing and rehearsing, tacking flyers to utility poles or maintaining forever-multiplying social media platforms suddenly switch off as some vaunted rock-star lifestyle switches on. And in some cases, maybe it does; then again, BEAR IN HEAVEN's never been about easy expectations of normalcy. After the release of their second album, 2010's "Beast Rest Forth Mouth", big things ... read more