• 1.1. m'lover
  • 1.2. hey big star
  • 1.3. say yeah
  • 1.4. can't let go, juno
  • 1.5. ode to my next life
  • 1.6. who'd you kill
  • 1.7. statues in a gallery
  • 1.8. why don't you answer me
  • 1.9. flame on flame (a slow dirge)
  • 1.10. honeybody

bashi, kishi

sonderlust (limited colored vinyl)

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"Sonderlust" is an album forged through heartbreak. After his two previous studio albums ("151"a & "Lighght") and his "String Quartet Live!" release, Kishi Bashi was at a musical impasse. "As I sat down to write songs last summer, I went to all my usual conduits of creation: violin loops, guitar, piano, and I came up with the musical equivalent of fumes", says K Ishibashi. "I tried to create orchestral pop recordings that I assumed were my forte, and in turn I found myself standing in front of a creative wall of frightening heights." At this very same moment of musical uncertainty, K's personal life was falling apart. He and his wife of 13 years had briefly separated and were struggling to keep their marriage together. In his own words, "Touring and ... read more