• 1.1. offing
  • 1.2. the harbinger
  • 1.3. one half
  • 1.4. look into your own mind
  • 1.5. pyrrhic
  • 1.6. labyrinthine
  • 1.7. forever
  • 1.8. adventurer of the family
  • 1.9. crystal lake
  • 1.10. waving to you
16. August 2013
Genre: Indie

barwick, julianna



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JULIANNA BARWICK's art is equal parts force and beauty. Her music finds its motor in significant events in her own life, but they are abstracted into a sense of sonic wonderment, a radiance that you could say is her signature sound. That radiance has been taken to new zeniths with ,Nepenthe", her third full-length album, which was recorded in Reykjavík, Iceland, in the dark cold days of February. "Everything I was making was visceral - the record represents some serious emotional stuff," she confirms, while at the same time she raves with enormous positivity about the unique recording environment. Alex Somers (musician/producer of SIGUR ROS, JONSI, JONSI & ALEX) invited her to Iceland in the first place. For JULIANNA, who was blown away at a SIGUR ... read more