• 1.1. ur
  • 1.2. the only witness
  • 1.3. after all
  • 1.4. blow
  • 1.5. teleferique
  • 1.6. the know
  • 1.7. goodyear
  • 1.8. two decades
  • 1.9. l.a.m.s.
  • 1.10. interlinear
  • 1.11. kid

antikaroshi, the

11 songs mostly written and played on wednesday...


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THE ANTIKAROSHI present their fourth album on Exile On Mainstream, making their own existence a topic and questioning their approaches in a much more self-referential attitude than ever before. On their previous recordings, the band established themselves as a band with longevity, a band who draw upon their roots in DC punk and hardcore but rework the ideas to create music that is at times unexpected and always unconventional. In fact, the three-piece hailing from Potsdam, Germany is the very antithesis of convention, and on their brand new album they take it one step further. Or a few steps back, as you will.: "work-life-balance seems to be thee catchphrase in today's society. But what about the things that are neither work nor life? What about the ... read more