• 1.1. run home
  • 1.2. these secret kings i know
  • 1.3. wasps
  • 1.4. redesigned a million times
  • 1.5. people not sleeping
  • 1.6. fucking lifer
  • 1.7. a beacon, a compass, an anchor
  • 1.8. animal ghosts
  • 1.9. heirs
  • 1.10. tryer, you

and so i watch you from afar



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Vinyl Single Sleeve + download card. And So I Watch You From Afar have applied to their fourth album the same rigorous work ethic that has seen them touring nearly non-stop all over the world in recent years -- including less common tour stops like China, Russia, India and Africa. Heirs is both the band's most painstakingly created album as well as its most personal and meaningful. "Its central theme is about the inheritance of ideas," the band says. "In that we're all heirs to other peoples' passion, which in turn inspires ourselves." "We started making the album while touring in 2013," guitarist Rory Friers explains. "We would be recording demos in our hotel rooms, back stage and we would even hire out rehearsal rooms during days off." Being the ... read more