• 1.1. birdland
  • 1.2. arabian heights
  • 1.3. demon in profile
  • 1.4. toy automatic
  • 1.5. oriole
  • 1.6. copernicus
  • 1.7. the spell
  • 1.8. light as a feather
  • 1.9. i got lost
  • 1.10. into the floor

afghan whigs, the

in spades

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180-gram vinyl with mp3 coupon in gatefold jacket with custom dust sleeve! "Divination/Cleromancy/Comes the card that I refused to see" - The Afghan Whigs, "Oriole" "Cleromancy" isn't a word one normally finds in rock lyrics. Then again, In Spades - the forthcoming album by The Afghan Whigs, from which the new song "Oriole" hails - is defined only by its own mystical inner logic. The term means to divine, in a supernatural manner, a prediction of destiny from the random casting of lots: the throwing of dice, picking a card from a deck. From its evocative cover art to the troubled spirits haunting its halls, In Spades casts a spell that challenges the listener to unpack its dark metaphors and spectral imagery. On the one hand, In Spades is as ... read more