• 1.1. supermaster
  • 1.2. straight
  • 1.3. love high
  • 1.4. what we don't see
  • 1.5. deeper
  • 1.6. lower zone
  • 1.7. we've come so far
  • 1.8. now it's over
  • 1.9. i'm so clean
  • 1.10. fill the void
  • 1.11. i will die

a place to bury strangers



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"That's the most intense fear and feeling-when you go to a show and you're actually scared," says frontman Oliver Ackermann, guitarist and frontman of Brooklyn trio A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS. "Or you can palpably feel the danger in the music," adds bassit Lunadon, "Like it's going to fall apart at any moment and the players doing it are so in the moment they don't give a shit about anything else. They're just going for it. It's a gutter kinda vibe; everything about it is icky and evil and dangerous." The same could be said for A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS' fourth album, "Transfixiation". Rather than fixate on precious recording techniques and minute details like they may have done in the past, the group, rounded out by drummer Robi Gonzalez, trust their ... read more