• 1.1. loathsome
  • 1.2. in line for halos
  • 1.3. insecurity checkpoint
  • 1.4. come on in, the water's pink
  • 1.5. goodbye sweet betty
  • 1.6. xoxo (love letter from a loaded gun)
  • 1.7. he smiled from ear to ear
  • 1.8. expiry date : 12 hours
  • 1.9. no more blue tomorrows
18. Januar 2019


misery never forgets

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Limited edition vinyl - Off white w/ blue, red, green and black splatter, (300 only for retail worldwide.) Three-piece, screamo/modern metalcore outfit, Wristmeetrazor unveil their debut LP, Misery Never Forgets, which will be available on January 18th on all digital platforms, compact disc and limited edition LP. The band signed to Prosthetic following 2 previous critically acclaimed EPs: I Talk to God...and...But The Sky Is Empty. CVLT Nation described the EPs as both frenetic and draining, a maelstrom of vulnerability frought with pain and aggression that calls to mind such hardcore stalwarts as Pg. 99, Majority Rule, Portraits of Past, etc. Born as an outlet for trauma, Wristmeetrazor tow the duplicitous line of suffering and salvation. This ... mehr lesen