• 1.1. live or die
  • 1.2. before it kills
  • 1.3. normal with you
  • 1.4. erratic
  • 1.5. manic depression
  • 1.6. sleeping with knives
  • 1.7. symptoms
  • 1.8. obsessive cumpulsive disorder
  • 1.9. new misery
  • 1.10. waiting for an accident
  • 1.11. fear in the mirror
  • 1.12. somewhere

useless id



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What's more punk rock than being a punk in the Middle East? Nothing. Which is why Israeli miscreants USELESS ID are not only the longstanding ambassadors of Middle East punk rock, but they're also way punker than you. Armed with eighteen years of experience and a tour history that includes such out of the way spots as China, Belarus and even Siberia, these boys from Haifa City have finally found a home with long time friends Fat Wreck Chords for the release of Symptoms. USELESS ID first started in Haifa in 1994, but they quickly recorded a demo and took off to California where they met and befriended all their punk rock heroes. They've been emulating and touring with bands like NOFX, The Vandals, and No Use For a Name ever since. When it came time to ... mehr lesen