• 1.1. new flesh
  • 1.2. dna smoke
  • 1.3. ufo rot
  • 1.4. heeshaw collider
  • 1.5. vertical gang
  • 1.6. fat kids wig
  • 1.7. leisure exposure
  • 1.8. knowing
  • 1.9. pink sweat
20. November 2015

tropical trash

ufo rot

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Über diesen Artikel

Hailing out of Louisville, Kentucky, Tropical Trash have been making loud, abrasive lo-fi indie rock (for want of a better phrase) for the last 5 years or so. They've taken that classic post-hardcore recipe that 90's Louisville bands like Rodan brought to centre stage, but tweaked it into their own unique aggressive brand. After releasing a pair of awesome 7 inch records and a few appearances on cassette, the band finally come together for their official debut album, 'UFO Rot'. For the tracks executed as short, sharp bursts of fury, each is dipped in a hot vat of tar and seared until they form a crunchy outer crust. That said, this nasty little album appeals to all of the senses in the gnarliest of ways. Percussion refuses to do anything but stampede ... mehr lesen