• 1.1. frustration
  • 1.2. johnny johnny
  • 1.3. berlin
  • 1.4. fysisk panik
  • 1.5. jag tillhör mig
  • 1.6. hög & låg blues
  • 1.7. stockholm city
  • 1.8. om natten
  • 1.9. mitt slut
  • 1.10. paralyzerad generation
  • 1.11. blir du nöjd någon gång
  • 1.12. tristess
16. Januar 2009
Label: NY VAG


hög & lag blues

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Über diesen Artikel

This is TRISTESS 3rd vinyl output and easily their best to date. Actually, I would go as far as saying this is likely one of the top 5 best European records of the last five years, it is just that good. For those unfamiliar, TRISTESS features two members of THE REGULATIONS and E.T.A, and one member from THE VICIOUS and DS-13, and play straight forward punk rock heavily influenced by obscure late 70's Swedish punk rock like THE INCEST BROTHERS, GLO, THE RUDE KIDS, and KRIMINELLA GITARRER. Never heard of those bands? No worries because what it comes down to is the fact that TRISTESS play superbly catchy mid-tempo punk rock. Though I would not necessarily compare their sound to Denmark's GORILLA ANGREB, they do share some similarities in the sense that ... mehr lesen