• 1.1. the 25th hour
  • 1.2. no time for fools
  • 1.3. bad signs
  • 1.4. feed the rats
  • 1.5. the solution
  • 1.6. blinded by the lights
  • 1.7. trust no face
  • 1.8. why?
  • 1.9. mind at war
  • 1.10. snap
  • 1.11. sick and tired
  • 1.12. life goes on
  • 1.13. both of you
  • 1.14. deep rooted


the 25th hour

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- Digital download included - Pressed on exclusive yellow vinyl for retail - Packaged in a sleeved Jacket with gatefold poster For over a decade, Los Angeles, CA hardcore outfit TERROR has acquired a fiercely loyal following not only through their multiple recorded outputs but also through their live shows. Of course it helps that lead vocalist Scott Vogel was long popular previously for fronting legendary Buffalo, New York bands like SLUGFEST, DESPAIR, and, most famously, BURIED ALIVE. The other members are no strangers to the hardcore scene either; collectively the band shares members or ex-members of PIECE BY PIECE, DOWN TO NOTHING, DONNYBROOK, CARRY ON, NO WARNING and more. TERROR recorded their sixth full-length album The 25th Hour at Orange ... mehr lesen