• 1.1. kings of the spanish oi scene
  • 1.2. summers over
  • 1.3. love hearts
  • 1.4. dippy egg
  • 1.5. kiss my ring
  • 1.6. a smile gets a smile
  • 1.7. hey boff!
  • 1.8. patient zero
  • 1.9. big shot
  • 1.10. bobs song
  • 1.11. gyoza
  • 1.12. job and knock
04. Oktober 2019
Genre: Punk


there is a lot of it about

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they didn't know it then, they set about writing the blueprint for the sound of the California suburbs eight years later. Green Day, Offspring, Blink 182? Man, Snuff wrote that fucking book, joined the dots and coloured it in long ago! The next album, the delightfully titled Flibbidydibbidydob is a covers album paying homage to heroes and pissing on the graves of villains. Reach, released on their own 10 Past 12 label came out in 1991 and then the moment of a triumph for the band and the fans alike, a sold-out show at London's Kilburn National. The final vindication! The final show! Bugger!! It took three years for Snuff to come back. A new deal with Fat Wreck Chords for the States, the addition of a Hammond Organ and Loz in on a free transfer for ... mehr lesen