• 1.1. til' the wonders rise
  • 1.2. arcane effigies
  • 1.3. able moving hearts
  • 1.4. on a clear day you can see yourself
  • 1.5. matthew's baby
  • 1.6. patient spider
  • 1.7. turn to you
  • 1.8. dawn soft ling
  • 1.9. what entails
  • 1.10. luck
  • 1.11. no gods
22. März 2012
Label: RISE
Genre: Punk


no gods

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Über diesen Artikel

Sharks is finally here with their highly anticipated debut full length "No Gods". They released their first independent EP, Shallow Waters, back in 2008 and drummed up serious buzz while playing with the likes of Gallows, The Wedding Present, and Baby Shambles. Barely old enough to drive, the group garnered critical acclaim from tastemakers such as KERRANG!, The Guardian, and NME for 2010's Show of Hands EP and incendiary performances supporting The Gaslight Anthem. In April 2011, they released The Joys of Living 2008-2010, a 14 songs collection of previously released tracks and two a band reaching that moment when they are absolutely ready," while Kerrang called them "one of the Unlike many of their UK predecessors the band has toured extensively, ... mehr lesen