• 1.1. saints preserve us
  • 1.2. billy mckinley
  • 1.3. bus floor bottles
  • 1.4. an por ar buile (the mad puck goat)
  • 1.5. last orders
  • 1.6. cold london rain
  • 1.7. fare evader
  • 1.8. the foreman o?rourke
  • 1.9. a smugglers song
  • 1.10. a dozen good reasons to weep
  • 1.11. if it kills me
  • 1.12. cupcakes
07. Dezember 2018
Label: ABC

rumjacks, the

saints preserve us! (green splatter vinyl)

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Über diesen Artikel

2018 is a monumental year for The Rumjacks - the celtic, folk, punk rock band is celebrating its 10th year anniversary. The band also has a brand-new album - Saints Preserve Us! The 12-track album is a blistering ball of wild energy that sees the band in peak performance, showing a level of musicianship and songwriting that only 10 years of endless touring and playing together can bring. Saints Preserve Us will be the bands 4th album release, a quick follow up to the 2016 acclaimed album `Sleepin' Rough'. Previous albums include Sober & Godless from 2015, and Gangs of New Holland in 2010. `An Irish Pub Song' was a breakthrough song for the band off their debut album (Gangs of New Holland) and has racked up over 45 MILLION views on YouTube alone! All ... mehr lesen