27. Juli 2018


black wash (gold vinyl)

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Limitiertes goldenes Vinyl mit Downloadcode. Melbourne-based blackened rock'n'roll band PAGAN are thrilled to announce their debut album Black Wash will be out on July 6th in Europe and the UK via freshly inked deal with Hassle Records. Black Wash is a collection of 11 songs ('Spells', in Pagan speak) by four people who have each experienced their own individual Hells but walked through the flames together, hand in hand, brought to life by producer Mike Deslandes, in part at Abbotsford's The Aviary and South Melbourne's Holes and Corners studios. Together, they pay homage to their punk rock and heavy music ethics ('The Greatest Love Songs'), draw inspiration from the dancefloors of neon-soaked discotheques ('Year of the Dog') and back-alley rock and ... mehr lesen