• 1.1. joy
  • 1.2. humans
  • 1.3. angel or devil
  • 1.4. he learned how to bleed
  • 1.5. i've got a gun
  • 1.6. my politics
  • 1.7. tuck it away
  • 1.8. predators
  • 1.9. wiggly worm
  • 1.10. victim's choice
  • 1.11. state of grace
  • 1.12. the jungle

no means no

the worldhood of the world (as such

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Long overdue reissue of long out of print 95 album +++ 1000 double LPs only ++++ Includes digital download card ++++ Pressed on 180 gram black vinyl ++++ Long overdue reissue of the 1995 studio album from Nomeansno, and the first to feature Tom Hollister on guitar. All twelve original songs have been recut to DOUBLE vinyl for extra definition, and this vinyl only release comes with a download card containing the album in its entirety. "Armed with new guitarist Tom Holliston, Worldhood is chock full of more punked out material. The band plays in tight unison with end user destruction being the operational goal. "My Politics" in particular is the most impressive, containing one of the most convincing and fulfilling Rob melody lines in Nomeansno ... mehr lesen