• 1.1. på väg
  • 1.2. vända kappan
  • 1.3. avbön
  • 1.4. dom som kommer
  • 1.5. youth tribes
  • 1.6. where did you go
  • 1.7. another day
  • 1.8. man e'nuff
  • 1.9. fine by me
14. Dezember 2018

no heart / sabotage


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Über diesen Artikel

It isn't often that we, REBELLION RECORDS, release a split - let alone a split release on 12" vinyl. But when we do, we mean the business! As showcased by this split LP between SABOTAGE and NO HEART, released in a co-production with Bords De Seine! First up is probably our most favorite new band from Sweden, SABOTAGE! Well new, this band - featuring (ex-)members of Agent Bulldog, Contemptuous, Vindicate This!, Antipati and more, is going strong for five years now and already has two 7" EP's, a 10" and a 12" under its belt! This split, featuring four all new anthems, will be the fifth consecutive release in the same amount of years and undisputedly their best work to date! Newer, but definitely not lazier is Canada's own NO HEART. Fronted by Mick ... mehr lesen