• 1.1. war of the worlds
  • 1.2. don't trust the humanoids
  • 1.3. black hole in my mind
  • 1.4. i saw the apeman
  • 1.5. x-ray specs
  • 1.6. invasion of the saucermen
  • 1.7. you're the only one
  • 1.8. i need some brain damage
  • 1.9. codename: peabrain
  • 1.10. phantom maggot
  • 1.11. robots in my dreams
  • 1.12. murder on my mind
  • 1.13. caveman
  • 1.14. i came from the future
07. Dezember 2018
Genre: Punk

lillingtons, the

death by television

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Über diesen Artikel

Note new price on CD & new release date. For Fans Of: NOFX, Teenage Bottlerocket, MxPx, Green Day, MTX, Lagwagon, Lookout Records. The band is BACK and active with a new album on Fat Wreck Chords. Since returning, they've already played ~100 shows in the past few months! The now-legendary pop punk record is back in stock! Considered one of the three best records from the entire genre, "Death By Television" brought The Lillingtons out of Wyoming and into the hearts of punk rock fans. Don't take our word for it, ask around, people love absolutely love these guys. The 2018 re-stock version of the vinyl LP comes with a poster based on their original 1999 tour poster.