• 1.1. thought of the enslaved
  • 1.2. fear the existence
  • 1.3. birth of another
  • 1.4. shame to this weakness modern world
  • 1.5. all is one = love & death
  • 1.6. to those on our lives (acoustic)

length of time

shame to this weakness modern world


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Über diesen Artikel

In the second half of the 90's, Brussels had several well known Hardcore bands, like Deviate, Backstabbers and Out For Blood. Being most of the time in the same building for band practice at some point a few guys from these bands got together to jam. Not much later a new project saw daylight by the name "Length Of Time". Pretty soon they released a more than impressive demo, filled with an aggressive mix of Hardcore and Metal; mind blowing bone crushing riffs and juggernaut like grooves yet still varied with moments of delicateness as well as lashings of melodic breaks. The rest is history. Length Of Time was no longer a side project, but became a cult name within the Hardcore scene. GSR is honored to re-release Length Of Time's second record "Shame ... mehr lesen