• 1.1. such small hands
  • 1.2. said the king to the river
  • 1.3. new storms for older lovers
  • 1.4. damaged goods
  • 1.5. fall down, never get back up again
  • 1.6. bury your flame
  • 1.7. last blues for bloody knuckles
  • 1.8. the castle builders
  • 1.9. andria
  • 1.10. then again, maybe you were right
  • 1.11. sad prayers for guilty bodies
  • 1.12. the last lost continent
  • 1.13. nobody, not even the rain

la dispute

somewhere at the bottom of the...

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The debut full length Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair from LA DISPUTE is finally available again as a 2xLP in color vinyl. Back then: La Dispute spent roughly a year of its existence writing and recording their first full length album, called "Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair," in hopes of accurately displaying their growth both as individuals and as a single artistic unit while creating an end product that encourages the listener to both think and feel. Drawing its title from an Asian folktale, "Somewhere" attempts to prompt discussion regarding the aspects of ourselves that prevent us from maintaining our happiness as people by documenting both their own experiences in the matter and the ... mehr lesen