• 1.1. baz's party
  • 1.2. i know i'll never
  • 1.3. i was a pre pubescent
  • 1.4. fancy mice
  • 1.5. jilted john
  • 1.6. the birthday kiss
  • 1.7. the paperboy song
  • 1.8. true love
  • 1.9. in the bus shelter
  • 1.10. karen's letter
  • 1.11. shirley
  • 1.12. goodbye karen
29. Juni 2018
Genre: Punk

jilted john

true love stories - 40th anniversary edition

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Über diesen Artikel

+ 7" JILTED JOHN is the legendary punk/new wave creation of Graham Fellows (nowadays better known as JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH) who's eponymous single was released back in 1978, rising to Number 4 in the charts and selling nearly half a million copies in the process, and became the most hated song by people called Gordon ever released with its anthemic "Gordon is a Moron" chant. The single was followed by cult classic album "TRUE LOVE STORIES", which has been name checked by many as a real inspiration to the likes of Jarvis Cocker and more with its concept album of the trials and tribulations of Jilted John's teenage angst. Fast forward to 2018, and to co-incide with a JILTED JOHN 40th anniversary tour, here is a rather special 40th Anniversary Edition of ... mehr lesen