• 1.1. pavement
  • 1.2. ultraviolet
  • 1.3. admit none
  • 1.4. heavy eyelids
  • 1.5. blank out
  • 1.6. rattled bones
  • 1.7. wedding
  • 1.8. milky
  • 1.9. diys
26. Oktober 2018
Genre: Punk

horror my friend

home life (blue vinyl)


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Über diesen Artikel

Emerging from the seemingly sleepy suburbs of Adelaide, Horror My Friend's approach to noisey, indie-rock is youthful and idiosyncratic. Tapping into the spirit of 90's college-rock and shoe-gaze the trio (Josh Battersby, Tom Gordon & Sam Kolesnik) break new ground with their raw yet melodic auteurist songwriting, bolstered by frenetic, energetic live performances.? Now these prime purveyors of noise, fuzz and ragged melody are back with album #2! Drawing inspiration from their hectic on-the-road-lives as touring musicians, the trio's second long player examines the push and pull of maintaining relationships, jobs and ultimately normality. "Home Life documents the emotions and feelings that often arose from the conflict of constantly being away from ... mehr lesen