• 1.1. wasteland.
  • 1.2. rotting town.
  • 1.3. hin.
  • 1.4. häng honom.
  • 1.5. the horndal effect.
  • 1.6. fornby klint.
  • 1.7. factory shutdown.
  • 1.8. drudgery.
  • 1.9. horndal's kyrkogård
22. Februar 2019



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Prosthetic Records proudly introduces Sweden's HORNDAL and their debut album, `Remains'. Distinctly Scandinavian; the band fuses the driving rhythms unique to the best of Swedish forward-thinking hardcore whilst preserving the venom of their punk scene alongside the heaviness of the country's finest. But it's in the song-writing that HORNDAL really excel; effortlessly weaving their narrative of urban decay into their dynamic and immediate fist-to-the-face anthems. `Remains' tells the true horror story of the devil's destruction of their hometown of Horndal in the 1970's. A small, industrial centre found amongst the woods of Sweden - the steel mill which was the lifeblood of the community was threatened with closure. This was dramatised in protest as ... mehr lesen