• 1.1. i love you
  • 1.2. two sides of my heart
  • 1.3. love is a chemical high
  • 1.4. double negative
  • 1.5. indifference
  • 1.6. class action
  • 1.7. sovereign bedrooms
  • 1.8. fatal flaw
  • 1.9. private life
  • 1.10. it hurts
20. Juli 2018
Genre: Punk


double negative


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Über diesen Artikel

'Double Negative' is the 3rd long player from Melbourne's HARMONY. Recorded at Kyneton Mechanics Hall by producer Mike Deslandes, Double Negative is a stunning departure from the no-fi rough sketches of Harmony's previous work; the natural acoustics of the hall captured in majestic hifi. Across 10 songs they lope and swagger and occasionally erupt into white noise, just as you'd come to expect from them, but it hums in stark contrast to the light brought by the chorus of harmony. Together Erica Dunn, Amanda Roff and Quinn Veldhuis, provide a new devotional dimension to these songs that elevates the band from the crucible of grief in which their alchemy previously rendered a tarnished and dull gold. It's these vocal refrains that star on Double ... mehr lesen