• 1.1. the closing of the day
  • 1.2. water runs cold
  • 1.3. on your summons
  • 1.4. diminishing returns
  • 1.5. pulse
  • 1.6. cold storage
  • 1.7. unknown hunter
  • 1.8. underground
  • 1.9. cut myself clean
  • 1.10. big ivan
  • 1.11. do me a favour
  • 1.12. prayer for war
  • 1.13. wailing widow
  • 1.14. vapour trails
  • 1.15. carpetbomb
10. November 2017
Genre: Punk




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LP comes with bonus download of 'Carpetbombing - Deconstructions' album, featuring reworked Harmony songs by BATPISS, ADALITA, MICK TURNER, TV COLOURS, SPINNING ROOMS, MIKEY YOUNG & more! FOR FANS OF: The Drones, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Dirty Three. LP reissue of HARMONY's highly acclaimed (and long out of print) second album 'Carpetbombing'. Blunt, bleak and ragged, HARMONY mine their creative obsession for ballads and songs about loss. This release diverges from the band's much-loved debut, in that the power of the harmonies is fully realised and not as much of an afterthought. With the band now a cohesive unit, Lyngcoln was able to write using the full power of Harmony's line-up, allowing for more ambitious song writing and arrangement. ... mehr lesen