• 1.1. kalte ente
  • 1.2. the king of swilling powers, pt. i, ii, iii
  • 1.3. ire
  • 1.4. business papers
  • 1.5. common rue
  • 1.6. midwesternplayalisticeconolinemuzik
  • 1.7. 083133
  • 1.8. pavlovian fixations
  • 1.9. open letter
  • 1.10. expect the worst
  • 1.11. kaltes ende
  • 1.12. heartbeaten by the police
  • 1.13. business papers (reprise)
  • 1.14. everybody dies
07. Juli 2017
Genre: Punk


tales of interest

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Über diesen Artikel

The Dopamines are back in full swing with their best raging punk record to date, their first LP in 5 years. The Dopamines are back in full swing with their 4th and best record to date, and their first in 5 years. The Cincinnati, Ohio band return with another dose of hard hitting, fast acting punk rock. Fans of the band are already familiar with their self-deprecating, alcohol soaked brand of punk, but for new listeners, Tales of Interest will be much more than that. The lyrical content has more depth, the feel of the record is much darker than past releases and the band itself has grown into a more mature albeit still drunk version of their former selves. This is the record The Dopamines have always wanted to make. While fans will see a return to ... mehr lesen