• 1.1. all
  • 1.2. i'm not a loser
  • 1.3. silly girl
  • 1.4. i wanna be a bear
  • 1.5. coolidge
  • 1.6. weinerschnitzel
  • 1.7. i don't want to grow up
  • 1.8. kids
  • 1.9. wendy
  • 1.10. get the time
  • 1.11. descendents
  • 1.12. all-o-gistics
  • 1.13. my age
  • 1.14. my dad sucks
  • 1.15. van
  • 1.16. suburban home
  • 1.17. hope
  • 1.18. clean sheets



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Greenerton, punknews.org: "Listening to this album, it doesn't feel like you're sitting in your chair listening to an album. Recorded in 1987, it feels like you're inside a club, witnessing a brutal old-school punk show performed by the Descendents. The production is top notch, without sounding fake. The balance between the band and the sounds of the crowd is just right. The set list feels like an actual live set, rather than just a collection of greatest hits. Now, don't get me wrong -- the favorites are all there. Appearances by catalog favorites "Myage," "Silly Girl," "Suburban Home," "Hope," "My Dad Sucks," "Coolidge" and many others solidify the record, but what makes this album so great is the appearance of songs you really wouldn't expect to ... mehr lesen