• 1.1. standing on my head
  • 1.2. step 4
  • 1.3. mentalane
  • 1.4. all along
  • 1.5. left out of mind
  • 1.6. shambles
  • 1.7. montreal nights
  • 1.8. mexican stand-off
  • 1.9. it's been a while
  • 1.10. watch out!
  • 1.11. on your own
  • 1.12. substitute
  • 1.13. holiday season
  • 1.14. valentine
  • 1.15. turn away
16. März 2018
Genre: Punk


sonic delusions

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Pirates Press Records is proud to introduce DEECRACKS as the newest members of their evergrowing family. This three-piece has been around for 15 years, DIY booked over 800 shows on four continents, and self-released records all over the world. With some serious love and attitude, they are a brilliant band giving it their all and are a great fit and amazing addition to the Pirate sound system. Along with a handful of fantastic videos, DEECRACKS are starting the year off with some crazy shows in Israel, lots of European touring in the spring and fall, a tour of Canada in June, and Japan in October and November. These guys don't let up and they're not slowing down any time soon. If you have the opportunity to check out one of their gigs in 2018 do it ... mehr lesen