19. Mai 2017
Genre: Punk

dangerous rhythm

stray cat blues

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Über diesen Artikel

Reissue of the first single by the legendary Dangerous Rhythm, originally released in 1979, one of the greatest and rarest records to come out of Mexican punk. Presented with new artwork. For years, I would attend the massive record fair in Utrecht. As Fall approached Winter, it always felt pretty good going to a rainy and windy Netherlands to fan the flame of record collecting to warm oneself up for the winter. I love the Utrecht record fair. It is a vibrant, global crazy place full of OCD, enthusiasm and ADD. Dealers from around the world meet collectors from around the world, and the interaction seems to be a lot more enthusiastic and a lot less snarky than what goes down on Ebay or Discogs. Every year, I'd high-tail it to the Mexican dealers' ... mehr lesen