• 1.1. keepin' it wild
  • 1.2. hate
  • 1.3. this is our show
  • 1.4. tomorrows problems
  • 1.5. time flies
  • 1.6. rising
  • 1.7. holding on
  • 1.8. missile attack
  • 1.9. welcome to the stoneage
  • 1.10. can't be stopped
14. Dezember 2012


weapons of massdestruction

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Über diesen Artikel

Modern but old school hard core. With passionate lyrics this band explodes with attitude and positive aggression. Fast hardcore yet filled with melodies, think of 7 Seconds, the Freeze and Adolescent mixed with Minor threat, Jerry's Kids, S.O.A and a pinch of Rich Kids on LSD. "I could totally imagine these songs being in an old Santa Cruz or Bone Brigade video."- Daniel Lupton, Sorry State Records