• 1.1. dog days
  • 1.2. wash away the filth
  • 1.3. slope
  • 1.4. teuton tantrums
  • 1.5. the mule
  • 1.6. armed solution
  • 1.7. the future belongs to us
  • 1.8. conductor of ashes
  • 1.9. good boy benito
  • 1.10. omnivorous excess
  • 1.11. ulcer
07. Dezember 2018


megatrends in brutality

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Über diesen Artikel

Classic debut album from COMECON (SWEDEN), a death metal project with a different vocalist on every release. MEGATRENDS IN BRUTALITY features Lars Göran Petrov from ENTOMBED on vocals and was originally released in 1992 by CENTURY MEDIA. The vinyl re-issue from 2010 of this album contained a very poor printed front cover. Here is the official repress on Cosmic Key Creations limited to 500 copies with original high res artwork and mastered for vinyl. Issued under exclusive license from Century Media