• 1.1. die knowing
  • 1.2. lower the line
  • 1.3. wasted arrows
  • 1.4. losing sleep
  • 1.5. should know better
  • 1.6. i depend, i control
  • 1.7. somewhere in this miserable.
  • 1.8. beyond
  • 1.9. unconditional
  • 1.10. didn't even mind
  • 1.11. full swing
  • 1.12. sink in.

comeback kid

die knowing

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Über diesen Artikel

Andrew Neufeld: "The goal with Die Knowing was to really capture the best parts of our live show and put those elements into the album. Lyrically, it's a reminder to stay hungry while carving your own path, living life to its full potential. This will be the biggest and heaviest sounding COMEBACK KID album to date."