• 1.1. violation
  • 1.2. it's a living
  • 1.3. repeat offender
  • 1.4. mr nice guy
  • 1.5. daily affirmation
  • 1.6. patience
  • 1.7. gag order
  • 1.8. feeding frenzy part i
  • 1.9. feeding frenzy part ii
  • 1.10. open secret
  • 1.11. the defeatist
  • 1.12. kin
  • 1.13. shame
  • 1.14. burden
  • 1.15. greater good
  • 1.16. belly up
09. November 2018


feeding frenzy

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C.H.E.W. are the realest of deals. Their debut LP starts with a flurry of drums and goes straight into the kinda agro-heavy, straight-to-the-point hardcore that gets the adrenaline flowing so fast you can practically see it burst out of your chest and march on over to the front of the show to get a circle pit going. Most punk packs a punch; this simply pulverises, in the best possible way. Four anarcho kids with righteous ideals, C.H.E.W. are here to make you sit up and take notice. Well, what else can you do when the blitzkrieg rains forth on you as powerfully and scintillatingly as this? The album barely lets up for a second. Even when they slow down for a spacious creepy-crawl just before the midway point, you can feel the tension ratcheting up ... mehr lesen