• 1.1. coup
  • 1.2. let
  • 1.3. war is a really clever metaphor for
  • 1.4. where baseball was invented
  • 1.5. you turn on utopia
  • 1.6. sepia good times
  • 1.7. this song has a name but we don't l
  • 1.8. motor skills
  • 1.9. chewed up cheeks
13. Oktober 2017
Genre: Punk



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Über diesen Artikel

Das Punkrock-Duo spielte schon mit Tall Ships, Car Seat Headrest und Beach Slang und tourte mit with Meat Wave. In UK bald zu sehen mit den kanadischen Punks, Single Mothers!

For Cassels, music is about authenticity and in Epithet, their debut full-length LP, they've got it in spades. Fuelled by the injustices of everything from modern society to the hypocrisy of small town England, they are young, driven and vastly intelligent, refreshingly unafraid to shatter the status quo. They're antagonistic and brash, but more importantly, they challenge the norm, both musically and lyrically. If you're after something simple, pedestrian and safe this isn't the record for you. But for those of you who like their music challenging, unpredictable and ... mehr lesen