• 1.1. cloud ate
  • 1.2. forget
  • 1.3. canned from the food drive
  • 1.4. exit interview
  • 1.5. a perfect misfit
  • 1.6. under the moon
  • 1.7. arting starvist
  • 1.8. going out of style in style
  • 1.9. warrens song pt. 29
  • 1.10. antisocial inactivism
  • 1.11. a hot comedy
31. Mai 2019
Genre: Punk


too old to die young

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Über diesen Artikel

Reunited, and it feels soooo good! After a few years apart, BRACKET and FAT are back together, and things are getting serious. After their hook, line, and sinker performance at FAT's 25th Anniversary party in San Francisco, we knew we had to call dibs on their next album. Boy, are we glad we did! Their ninth full-length, Too Old to Die Young, drops on on May 31st, and it's a doozy. Check out what Bracket had to say about their upcoming album below: This album picks up where 1995's 4 Wheel Vibe and our earliest songs for FAT left off, grabbing a few weird harmonies and world-weary lyrics along the way: eleven songs, recorded in living rooms and garages, each under 3 minutes. Angelo sings two songs, Zack sings one, and we wrote everything together. We ... mehr lesen