• 1.1. thirsty & miserable (black flag)
  • 1.2. born to kill (damned)
  • 1.3. borstal breakout (sham 69)
  • 1.4. return of the rat (wipers)
  • 1.5. ha ha ha (flipper)
  • 1.6. in my street (pray tv)
  • 1.7. beat on the brat (ramones)
  • 1.8. protest & survive (discharge)
  • 1.9. bad girl (new york dolls)
  • 1.10. chinese rocks (johnny thunders)
  • 1.11. erotic neurotic (saints)
  • 1.12. back for more
  • 1.13. where eagles dare (misfits)
  • 2.1. descender
  • 2.2. degenerate boy (x)
  • 2.3. feed the dog
  • 2.4. c.s.m.
  • 2.5. waiting
  • 2.6. people say
  • 2.7. over the edge (wipers)
  • 2.8. fridays child
  • 2.9. little suzi
15. November 2013
Label: BANG!
Genre: Punk




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- Limited edition to 500 copies! BORED!'s last album, finally on vinyl! Only released on CD in a limited edition and only in Australia, back in the day, finally this monster rock record is released on double vinyl with gatefold jacket and full detail. Killer guitars and highest energy by one of our favorite Australian bands ever! First album is a collection of studio covers taken from some of their favourite bands (Black Flag, Damned, Wipers, Flipper, Ramones, New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Saints, Misfits, etc), while second album is a brutally loud and killer live recording of the band in Melbourne, Australian, back in 1992. This is a deluxe limited edition which any fan of Australian high energy rock should not let go! For fans of Bored!, Powder ... mehr lesen