• 1.1. poison radio
  • 1.2. without destination
  • 1.3. shine some light
  • 1.4. this time around
  • 1.5. glow is fading
  • 1.6. sick town
  • 1.7. generation tranquilized 8. scars & tattoos
  • 1.8. southbound
  • 1.9. new journey
  • 1.10. one vision
28. November 2014
Genre: Punk

bombshell rocks

generation tranquilized


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Über diesen Artikel

Seit 10 Jahre das erste Mal wieder im Original Line-Up und veröffentlicht wird "Genreration Tranquilized" via das wiederauferstandene Kult Label Burning Heart Records! Burning Heart Recordw bring you Generation Tranquilized, a brand new full-length from Sweden's punkrock kings, BOMBSHELL ROCKS. With the original singer Marten Cedergran back on vocals, this hard-hitting and unbelievably catchy twelve-song album is bound to capture tons of new fans, and really reawaken lots of old ones. The bands back-to-life single "Without Destination" (Panic & Action Oct 2014) and "Scars & Tatoos (Pirate Press Records 2013) ), gave the world a heads-up that these diehard Swedish punks had not lost a step and were in it for the long haul. "Generation Tranquilized, 12 ... mehr lesen