• 1.1. endless pain
  • 1.2. yolf
  • 1.3. i should be dead
  • 1.4. dyelisium
  • 1.5. hekter
  • 1.6. fucking love
  • 1.7. lost control
  • 1.8. sunday morning mantr
11. Mai 2018

birth defects, the

everything is fine


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Über diesen Artikel

Dark blue colored vinyl! The Birth Defects' live show unleashes an all out assault on pop sensibility and widely accessible music with their bastard child of punk, thrash, noise and every genre of heavy music that services the outcasts and the misunderstood of society. Ghost Ramp-signed and Ty Segall-produced, The Birth Defects sophomore effort is nothing short of a validation for the misfits of planet earth. Lead singer and guitarist Jason Finazzo teaches a crash course on transforming suffering into a good time. He's the poster child for emotional paralysis and making good on the promise to get out of the house for a little bit today. Brothers in a battery of unrelenting sonic and rhythmic assault are bassist Philip Nielsen, drummer Anthony ... mehr lesen