08. Februar 2019
Genre: Punk

anomalys, the

trooper ep


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Über diesen Artikel

Amsterdam's shattered punk destroyers return with a four song 7 inch EP of pure raunch rockin' static to destroy your brain cells faster than a stroll through a Carbona factory! At the helm is the maniacal Bone, a man of towering stature, delivering electric radiation upon his path of destruction. Our team of vigilante harbingers of trash is currently composed of fellow mutants: Remi Lucas and French maestro-bator Looch Vibrato, notorious for his work in the garage punk outfit MAGNETIX - two worthy men if any to join our reptilian hero Bone on his quest for imminent meltdown. "Trooper" is an absolute ripper that kicks the door in and is clearly a bold statement: "The Anomalys are still going strong and in fine form," while "Fire In the Hole" is an ... mehr lesen