• 1.1. "committed to the con"
  • 1.2. "sweet dreams of otherness"
  • 1.3. "sans soleil"
  • 1.4. "conditional love"
  • 1.5. "blue spade"
  • 1.6. "dark night of the soul"
  • 1.7. "mistaken information"
  • 1.8. "survivor's guilt"
  • 1.9. "reverse the curse"
  • 1.10. "world stops turning"




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Über diesen Artikel

Trennung, Trauer. Reunion, Freude. Man hatte beinahe geahnt, dass es auch ein neues Album geben würde, nachdem ALEXISONFIRE schon mit neuen Songs jongliert hatten. Hier kommt "Otherness"! Die Band sagt: "A continuous thread through the fabric of Alexisonfire, is the state of otherness. Otherness drew us all to spaces where a band like this could be formed. We attract the type of individuals that have all felt the sensation of being strange or unique. Perceived or otherwise, otherness has followed us through childhood, adolescence and into our adult lives. It drives our tastes and proclivities. It bonds us with ourselves and others. And make no mistake, even at our most domestic and mundane moments, we are true outliers."