• 1.1. cliché guevara
  • 1.2. mutiny on the electronic bay
  • 1.3. t.s.r. (this shit rules)
  • 1.4. cavalier eternal
  • 1.5. rice and bread
  • 1.6. sink, florida, sink
  • 1.7. turn on your black light baby
  • 1.8. you look like i need a drink
  • 1.9. slurring the rhythms
  • 1.10. unsubstantiated rumors are good enough for me (to base my...)

against me!

as the eternal cowboy


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Über diesen Artikel

You get more beard for your buck on this Fat debut from Florida's most mysterious anarcho-punks. Life is fleeting, but this cowboy is eternal!