25. April 2014
Genre: Punk

adventures | run forever


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- Pressed on color vinyl - Digital download included ADVENTURES is made up of members Jami, Reba and Joe from hardcore band CODE ORANGE KIDS, who along with friends Kimi and Dominic fuse their punk and hardcore roots with indie-punk riffs and raw dueling vocals for an intense, emotionally charged sound. The split will be the band's third official release, and follow up their critically acclaimed 2013 EP, Clear My Head With You. RUN FOREVER is an alternative rock band from Braddock, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh that's faced hardship over the last several years and is in a state of rebuilding. In its ascension, the small town has fostered a wealth of talented musicians and bands and RUN FOREVER is one of those acts that has thrived and built a name for ... mehr lesen