• 1.1. car crash halloween disco
  • 1.2. solgunn
  • 1.3. danger beat
  • 1.4. krang
  • 1.5. straight
  • 1.6. don0)))vito
  • 1.7. bergen to bletchley
  • 1.8. shit yrself
  • 1.9. daddy why?
  • 1.10. chug

action beat


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Über diesen Artikel

Truth Cult proudly presents another whirlwind recording for the Bletchley boys Action Beat with the follow up to their debut The Noise Band From Bletchley . Like its predecessor, Beatings was recorded at Southern Studios in just two days and this time with at least seven musicians, which is evident in the sheer verve and potency of the album.