26. September 2014

acid deathtrip / hangman's chair


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Two Doom 'n 'Roll monsters combine forces on one incredible packed record. HANGMAN'S CHAIR main focus lays on the heavy, sludgy and doomy side of rock. They released multiple records and played alongside High On Fire, The Devil's Blood, Crowbar and countless others. Well-known and popular in France and about to show the rest of the world their infectious riffs and monsterous songs. ACID DEATHTRIP quickly made a name for themselves with their self-titled debut 12" on Reflections followed with some high profile shows and great reviews applauding the bands Blasphemous Boogie. Heavy, Rocking and Doomish but always with that get-under-your-skin filth. Both bands recorded their best work to date for this unholy alliance between Holland and France and with ... mehr lesen