• 1.1. curva del diablo
  • 1.2. who's the enemy
  • 1.3. all talked out
  • 1.4. die like a dog
  • 1.5. morality match
  • 1.6. bullet for your head
  • 1.7. don't belong
  • 1.8. diplomacy is dead
  • 1.9. burn the world
  • 1.10. eye for an eye
  • 1.11. i won't play along
  • 1.12. breakout
  • 1.13. extraordinary rendition
  • 1.14. i don't want it i don't need it
  • 1.15. off the hook
  • 1.16. left you behind
22. März 2013
Label: NY VAG


burn the world

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Über diesen Artikel

'Burn The World' is the second album from AC4. It features 16 songs that can be described as classic early 80's hardcore punk like DEAD KENNEDYS, BAD BRAINS and G.B.H. mixed with a bit of MOTÖRHEAD. In other words: the music the band members grew up with. AC4 is fronted by Dennis Lyxzén, best known as the singer of REFUSED and THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY, backed by guitarist Karl Backmann, bassist Christoffer Röstlund Jonsson and drummer Jens Nordén, all Umea Hardcore mainstays from bands like STEP FORWARD, D.S.-13, REGULATIONS and THE VECTORS. Together, they may have more than 100 years of experience in punk bands. The band originally started in 2008, released their debut album AC4 in 2009 and toured all over Europe and Australia the ... mehr lesen